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Technical Specifications

Main Features

These are the features that discern us from other sliding security solutions.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Aluminum is never used in it’s pure form. It is always used as an alloy – in combination with other metals and substances.  Aircraft Grade Aluminium is highly specialized, down to the micro-structure of the metal.

The common characteristics of Aircraft Grade Aluminium alloys are it’s ability to withstand heat and fracturing & they are also extremely light.

Ultra Door uses only the highest quality Aircraft Grade Aluminium in the manufacturing of our products, this makes our Sliding Security Barriers exceptionally strong and highly resistant to blows, prying, cutting and pulling and pushing forces.


High Grade Security Bottom Track

Bottom tracks have a unique no-trip construction and are securely fixed to the floor with tamper proof screws, using an epoxy fixative.

The solid aluminium drop bolts enhance the security of the bottom track when closed.


Slam Lock

With the Avlock Slam Lock, you can quickly lock your Ultra Door with by simply sliding it shut.   This method of locking is indispensable when intruders attempt to enter your house or business premises, and you want to create a super strong barrier without first the use a key.

When you buy a slam lock door from us you know that your home can be secured at all times and your business premises protected even with no-one at office. Our products meet the highest manufacturing and safety standards.

With competitive prices, a wide range to select from and custom options, we’ve earned our leadership position in South Africa.


Double Overlapping Jamb

All Ultra Doors Barriers have a unique lock style and keep resulting in a highly secure and tamper-proof lock. 

The lock keep is in turn secured to the reveal using tamper proof  screws which are epoxied on tightening.


Ultra Door - Securing Your Lifestyle

These are the specifications that make Ultra Door Products exceptionally strong

  • Single vertical Aircraft Grade Aluminium uprights (20mm x 20mm).
  • 3.5mm thickness lattice.
  • Securely fixed on 4 sides once closed
  • No plastic (nylon) components.
  • Variety of 6 – colours polyester powder coated.
  • Slamlock or Deadlock or combination of both, for high security areas.
  • All barriers are custom made to size.
  • Extruded Aircraft Grade Aluminium top and bottom track.
  • Stainless Steel PT rivets securing the flights.
  • Double locks (1 x slam-lock & 1 x dead-lock).
  • Insurance and SAIA – A-rated and approved.
  • SABS Approved materials
  • Solid Aluminium drop bolts (bottom track)
  • Drop bolts allow for uneven reveals without utilizing spacers.


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